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Candidate for a Neck Lift: As we age, gravity pulls down on the skin in the neck and face. This process happens faster if the skin is loose and shows lines and wrinkles. Some patients may develop ‘turkey wattle’ in the neck which makes them look older and heavier than they are.

But a neck lift can reverse these common signs of aging. This procedure is similar to a facelift because it removes extra skin and may take out excess fat.

Some patients may not be ready for a full facelift, but the neck's extra wrinkles and loose skin can make them look older. For them, a neck lift can be a perfect solution.

Neck Lift Procedure

Usually, the plastic surgeon makes incisions behind both ears, and a third incision may be needed under the chin.

Next, your plastic surgeon will remove extra skin and fat. Then, the underlying muscles are tightened, and the remaining skin is redraped and sutured.

Last, the incisions are closed, and bandages are placed over the incisions.

This popular procedure results in a smooth, youthful neck that makes you look up to 10 years younger.

Signs You’re a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift

It’s sometimes possible to hide your face with makeup, creams, and fillers, but disguising a sagging neck is impossible. The most effective way to fix your neck is with a neck lift. But how do you know you’re ready for surgery?

If you have any of the signs below, it could be time:

Double Chin

Candidate for a Neck LiftMany people want a neck lift because they have a double chin or a fullness under the chin that doesn’t disappear with a healthy diet or exercise.

Sometimes you can have a double chin and not even be overweight; it could be age and genetics to blame.

People who have a weak chin or short neck may develop a double chin as they age, even at a healthy weight. And you also may have sagging skin on the neck as time goes by.

If your double chin is mainly due to excess fat, San Antonio liposuction may be enough to give you a slender neck and chin. But if you have loose skin in the neck, a neck lift is probably needed. Contact us to see if you are a Candidate for a Neck Lift!

Poorly-Defined Jawline

When you’re in your 20s and 30s, your face is plumper and fuller. But as the years go by, you lose that plumpness in the cheeks if you have this problem, and the jawline may sag. This is what can give you the dreaded ‘jowls.’

Having a neck lift can redefine your jawline to make you look years younger. However, keep in mind that you may also need a facelift for the best results. This is because the jowls also are lifted with a lower San Antonio facelift.

Turkey Neck

Your neck is affected by gravity over time, and your skin loses collagen as the years pass. These factors cause the neck to sag as the neck muscles get weaker. And then you get a ‘turkey neck.’

A neck lift can eliminate extra skin and tighten the loose neck muscles.

Improving Vertical Bands

The muscles in the neck are covered in a thin layer of fat in the younger years. As you age, the fat is lost, and you may develop vertical bands. These are also known as platysmal bands.

The bands can have a rubber band-like appearance and hang under the chin. A neck lift will improve the appearance of vertical bands; it raises the skin of the neck and lower face and tightens the neck muscles.

You also may see improvement if your healthcare provider injects San Antonio Botox. This may relax some of the muscles that give the neck that band-like appearance. But remember that Botox injections only last a few months.

Eliminating Lines And Wrinkles

Creases and wrinkles in the neck are usually due to muscle weakening, too much sun, and collagen breakdown.

If you have severe neck creases, you will see a dramatic improvement with a neck lift. You also may consider Ultherapy to smooth the neck and chin. This non-surgical method won’t produce the same results as a neck lift, but it can somewhat improve the neck’s appearance.

When You Shouldn’t Have A Neck Lift

You may not be a candidate for a neck lift if you have the following:

  • Lack of skin laxity in the neck
  • Unrealistic expectations for a neck lift
  • Lack of time to rest after surgery

This procedure can make a huge difference in your appearance. Also, consider other procedures simultaneously for even more impressive results, such as San Antonio breast augmentation or San Antonio eyelid surgery.

Request A Neck Lift Consultation

Interested in a neck lift in San Antonio? Dr. Scott J Farber or Dr. Amita Shah of Hill Country Plastic Surgery can help. They will consult with you about a neck lift and show you neck lift before and after photos to determine if this procedure will work for you.


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