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What is a breast lift?

Women’s breasts change over time due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, changes in weight, aging, and the natural changes to skin and tissue. This surgery involves reshaping the breast tissue, removing excess stretched skin, and creating a fresh, youthful, lifted breast contour. If desired, it may include reducing the size of the areola. A breast lift can be combined with a breast augmentation in San Antonio to add volume.

Mastopexy Introduction

What can a breast lift accomplish?

A custom breast lift can:

  • Reduce breast sag
  • Enhance the breast shape
  • Firm & tighten the breasts
  • Resize/reposition the areola

If you have breasts that droop, have lost shape, have become flat and elongated, if the nipples and areola point downward, or have breast asymmetry, you could be a good candidate for a breast lift in San Antonio

How is a breast lift (mastopexy) performed? 

Below are the different techniques that can be used when performing a breast lift: 

  • Periareolar (aka donut mastopexy): An incision is made around the areola and can be done with or without reshaping the breast tissue. Risks are nipple areolar complex (NAC) widening and pleating the tissues. This is used for patients with mild sagging who need a less extensive lift.

  • Vertical scar (also called a “lollipop mastopexy”): This incision pattern and technique is appropriate in many cases of sagging breasts. A vertical incision is made on the breast and around the areola, shaped like a lollipop.

  • Inverted T scar: This uses the traditional wise (anchor) pattern for breast reductions. This is good for severe ptosis and for patients with poor skin quality.

  • Inferior wedge excision: This technique is for patients with the proper placement of the nipple structure with extra breast tissue in the lower breast region. This incision is hidden so no visible scars are left on the breast mound itself.

  • Auto-augmentation procedure: if a patient has had significant weight loss, there may be severe drooping of the breast with most of the breast tissue at the bottom. This results in what some people call a “rock in a sock” look. To create a fresh, youthful look, our surgeon will reshape the breasts, move them higher on the chest wall, and re-drape the skin over the breast to create a dramatically rejuvenated look without placing implants.

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What is the breast lift recovery like?

Your recovery process after a breast lift will involve a period of downtime that will last for about two weeks. Rest during this time, stay hydrated, and do not exert yourself or lift anything over five pounds. You will have a compression garment around your breasts to help them heal in their new shape and to minimize swelling. In addition to the swelling, there will be pain, bruising, and a tight feeling in your breasts. These effects can be managed with medication.

Within about a week, the swelling will begin to fade and you will start to feel better. After two weeks, you will feel more like yourself. Your incisions will be healed, and swelling and bruising will have faded significantly. Residual numbness in the nipples and breast skin will continue to fade over time. 

You will need about a month before you resume exercise. Your breasts will look lifted, perky and appealing, but avoid putting much stress on your chest, as internal healing is still continuing. Wait for clearance from your surgeon before you go back to full, strenuous exercise again.

After three months, you will be able to wear an underwire bra again; by this point, nipple and breast sensation is usually restored.

What to expect prior to your breast lift?

When evaluating a breast to determine which technique is best for the patient, we look at many factors, such as the degree of breast droop (ptosis), breast volume, anatomy, and medical history. We will start by discussing your surgical goals to determine if a breast lift in San Antonio is the right procedure for you. Once we identify your concerns and surgical goals, we will discuss the surgical techniques that will achieve your aesthetic vision. 

We will also discuss your desired breast size and long-term expectations. It is very important to have current information to ensure your breasts are healthy. If you have a strong history of breast cancer in your family or are over 40, it is recommended that you get a mammogram before any breast surgery. We will thoroughly review your medical history, surgical history, medications, allergies, family medical history, and other important details.

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What are the limitations, risks and complications of a breast lift?

The limitations of a mastopexy are that it will lift the breast, but it will not fill out the breast's superior pole (upper). If a fuller look is desired, augmentation with an implant can be done simultaneously with the mastopexy. 

The risks of breast lift surgery are bleeding, infection, changes in nipple or breast sensation, poor scarring of the skin, asymmetry, and the need for revisions.

Suppose you have an implant augmentation performed at the same time. In that case, risks include implant leakage or rupture, wrong position of the implant, formation of tight scar tissue around the implant, fluid around the implant, discomfort near or around the breast implant, and wrinkling or rippling of the skin over the implant.

If any of these complications occur, you may need surgery to fix them. Revisions may range from simple skin adjustments in the clinic to full revision under anesthesia. 

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Breast lift FAQs

How long will my results last?

Can I get an augmentation after a breast lift?

How much does a breast lift cost?

How do I know what type of breast lift is right for me?

Will insurance cover my breast lift?

What other procedures can be done to enhance a breast lift?

How long will my results last?

Your result longevity depends on multiple factors such as the skin quality, the breast tissue quality, if an augmentation is performed, and the surgical technique used. This will be discussed with you at your consultation.

Can I get an augmentation after a breast lift?

Yes! In cases where there is a significant amount of work to do to lift the breast (such as a revision case), we may do the procedure in two parts where the mastopexy is done first and the augmentation is done later.

How much does a breast lift cost?

The price of a breast lift is dependent on how much skin and breast tissue are rearranged. For example, a small mastopexy will cost less than a full auto-augmentation breast lift procedure. Coming in for a consultation with one of our surgeons will give you a better idea about pricing.

How do I know what type of breast lift is right for me?

During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss your goals, lifestyle, medical history and evaluate your breasts and skin quality to determine what procedure is best for you. One way to determine if you need a mastopexy only or mastopexy with augmentation is to look at yourself in a bra. If in a bra, you have the volume of breast that you want, but want your breasts more lifted when out of a bra, then a breast lift will likely work for you. If in a bra you want to fill out the top of the breast so it is plumper and fuller, or increase the overall size of the breast, then you would benefit from an augmentation and lift. If you are unsure if you need a breast lift with your breast augmentation, we can stage the procedures so one procedure is done and the second procedure is done at another time if needed.

Will insurance cover my breast lift?

Breast lift is not covered by insurance unless it is part of a breast reconstruction or reconstruction matching procedure.

What other procedures can be done to enhance a breast lift?

  • Mommy makeover
  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction

Why choose Hill Country Plastic Surgery for a breast lift?

At Hill Country Plastic Surgery, our board-certified surgeons, Dr. Farber and Dr. Shah, understand how body changes affect self-image. With individualized care and attention, they will guide you through the plastic surgery decision, process, care, and changes. We walk beside you to help restore your breasts to the desired shape and feel with a breast lift in San Antonio. Transforming feelings of frustration into confidence, we celebrate your joy in your restored, youthful breasts!

Our patient portal: Transparency, honesty, and patient-focused care.

After your consultation, you will receive access to your notes on the patient portal in addition to information about your specific surgery. If you have not activated your patient portal, this can be done at your appointment by asking any of our staff to assist you. If you have questions after your appointment, you can contact our office or message us through the patient portal. Some patients will require medical clearance from their primary care physician or a specialist or additional tests before undergoing surgery.

Once you have determined that you would like to have surgery and have completed any clearances and tests that were requested, contact our office at (210) 658-3555 to schedule a pre-operative appointment with one of our surgeons.

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