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Want to feel confident without wearing long sleeves?

As people lose weight and age, the skin stretches over time, resulting in hanging skin under the arm. This causes difficulty in wearing clothes and extra folds in the skin. The skin folds on the arm can be uncomfortable, causing rashes and problems with hygiene in that area.

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Why should you choose the surgeons at Hill Country Plastic Surgery?

At our office, you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and care. We understand that making the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is not easy, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Our board-certified surgeons will take the time to get to know you and answer all your questions from the procedure to your post-op care.

We believe that it is important for our patients to be fully informed before making any decisions, and we will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and confident in your choice. We are honored to be a part of your journey to a new level of confidence and self-esteem and are committed to ensuring that your experience is positive from start to finish. 

What is the cost of an arm lift? 

Brachioplasty, or an arm lift, starts at $5,600, but individual factors determine the ultimate cost. Your precise price will be established during your consultation.

Is there more than one type of arm lift?

There are multiple techniques for arm lifts. At Hill Country we will determine the type of arm lift in San Antonio you will need with a customized plan. The amount, location of the excess skin, and the incisions used for the procedure depend on what areas you would like to be addressed. A way to determine the amount of extra skin on your arm is to stand with your arms up like a goalpost. The skin that hangs down is the skin that is usually removed. Your arm lift may vary in the following ways: 

  • A standard brachioplasty removes the skin from the elbow to the armpit. The scar may be visible in sleeveless clothing, but it is placed in an area where it should not be visible if the arms are at the side of the body.
  • In an extended brachioplasty, additional skin extending from the armpit to the side of the chest is removed. This is done when patients have had massive weight loss. These surgeries can be combined with a breast and back lift in the appropriate patient. 
  • For patients with limited extra skin, it may be possible to isolate the incision to the armpit area so there is no scar on the arm. This technique is limited and not all patients are candidates for this. Sometimes liposuction can be combined with the procedure. However, the best results are achieved when patients are at optimal and stable weight.
  • If the patient would benefit from liposuction of the arm, we may also stage the procedure so liposuction is done. First, the skin is allowed to shrink as much as possible, and then a brachioplasty is performed.
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What to expect during your arm lift consultation? Your consultation involves several steps:

We will start by discussing your surgical goals to determine if an arm lift is a right procedure for you. We will review your medical history, surgical history, drug allergies, current medications, including vitamins and herbal supplements, nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use, and family history. It is very important that we obtain accurate information in all areas, as it may impact the outcome of your surgery.

We will need to know your current weight loss program if any, and how long your weight has been stable. Suppose you had prior weight loss surgery; our bariatric surgeon would review this information. We will examine and measure your body to help develop a personalized plan for your arm lift in San Antonio. If you have medical conditions, you may need to get your doctor's clearance before surgery.

Once we identify your concerns and surgical goals, we will discuss all treatment options available to you. Every patient is unique, and we will develop a tailored surgical plan that addresses your specific goals. While discussing different treatment options, we will perform a physical exam and take measurements necessary for planning for your surgery. Pre-operative (before surgery) photos will be taken either at your initial consultation, or during your pre-operative visit.

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How to prepare for your surgery

Prior to surgery you should not take aspirin for one week before surgery and you should stop any nicotine products which include cigarettes, vaping, gum, and patches for at least 4 weeks prior to surgery.

If you have a history of medical problems, we may have you undergo clearance by your primary care physician or any pertinent specialists. You should plan to take 1-2 weeks off after surgery depending on the activity level of your job. Your follow-up and post-operative instructions will be discussed with you at your pre-operative appointment.

What happens at my pre-operative appointment?

On the day of your pre-operative appointment, we will review your procedure in detail and go over the surgical plan with you. We will also address any questions and concerns you may have. Please read over the procedure consent prior to this appointment and have your questions ready so we can discuss them. During your pre-operative visit, we will provide you with all after-care instructions as well as the necessary prescriptions. You will also be provided with a post-operative appointment for follow up after your surgery.

What to expect on the day of your arm lift procedure?

  • Your plastic surgeon will meet you in the pre-operative area to go over any last- minute questions or concerns you may have. 
  • Your plastic surgeon will make some preoperative markings and perform extensive checks with careful attention to detail to ensure you receive the highest quality. 
  • You will meet the anesthesiologist and their team, as well as the members of our plastic surgery operative team.
  • On the day of surgery do not take the following blood pressure medications with generic names that end in “-pril,” “-sartan” before your surgery. If you are on metformin, you will be asked to not take it on the day of surgery.
  • During the plastic surgery procedure, our plastic surgeons pay meticulous attention to detail and work as a highly experienced team to ensure superior results. 
  • Your family will be updated of your status periodically and will be able to talk with the plastic surgeon in person after the procedure is completed. 
  • The incisions will be placed in a dressing or a compression bandage. Instructions for care on these will be given to you in your preoperative paperwork.
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What should I expect after an arm lift procedure?

  • You will be placed in an elastic bandage or compression garment for several weeks. 
  • You will have drains in place to remove extra fluid. 
  • You will have to limit activity for up to  6 weeks after surgery. Initially, you will have swelling around the legs that will decrease over time. It may take several months to see the end results of your arm lift.
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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) FAQs

When can I resume normal activity and exercise?

How long is the recovery?

How long before I see my results?

How much does an arm lift cost?

Will insurance cover an arm lift?

Will there be a scar after my arm lift?

When can I resume normal activity and exercise?

On average, patients can return to full activities, including working out at the gym, 6 weeks after surgery.

How long is the recovery?

You will be able to return to light duty at 2 weeks and to full activities at 6 weeks. We recommend that you always wear your compression garments for the first 6 weeks except when showering.

How long before I see my results?

For the first three days after surgery, you will be swollen and after that, the swelling starts to resolve. You won’t see a significant amount of the swelling go down until around 3 weeks. It may take up to 3 months to see the results of the surgery and up to a year to see the full outcome.

How much does an arm lift cost?

The price of an arm lift is dependent on how much skin and fat need to be removed. Sometimes, liposuction is recommended to remove excess fat from the arm.

Will insurance cover an arm lift?

Insurance does not cover a cosmetic arm lift. We recommend you call your insurance carrier for more information.

Will there be a scar after my arm lift?

The scar from a standard or extended brachioplasty is a long visible scar on the arm. In patients with darker skin, you may have a dark scar which may not lighten.

Ready for slimmer, more sculpted arms? Meet with us.

Are you interested in learning more about this procedure? To schedule a consultation, please contact us. Hill Country Plastic Surgery is the premier plastic surgery center in the San Antonio and Austin area, and our friendly team members are here to help you and will reach out promptly.

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How do I begin my cosmetic journey?

  • Step 1: Consult your surgeon. Attend an informative, personal consultation with your surgeon and visit with the Patient Care Coordinator to set into place all plans for your procedure and care. 
  • Step 2: Undergo the procedure. Your operation takes place at a boutique surgical center with pre-op and post-op care from your surgeon. 
  • Step 3: Exude confidence, wearing sleeveless tops or swimsuits without concerns about hanging skin and tissue.

We look forward to meeting you. 

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Your journey to a happier, more confident life starts with a private, in-depth consultation with your surgeon, where we learn about you and your vision and goals. Discover San Antonio’s premier clinic for plastic surgery.

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