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What is hairline planning in hair restoration?

The process of designing a hairline requires an eye for aesthetics and an understanding of individual facial structures. Our surgeons excel in crafting hairlines that complement each patient’s unique features, considering factors like age, face shape, and natural hair growth patterns.

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The ARTAS iXi Robotic System in hairline design

The ARTAS iXi, a state-of-the-art robotic system, plays a pivotal role in hairline planning. Its advanced technology allows for:

  • Minimally invasive, virtually pain-free: The ARTAS procedure eliminates the need for stitches, offering a virtually pain-free experience.
  • Sophisticated selection with intelligent algorithms: The system’s intelligent algorithms meticulously select the highest quality hairs for harvesting, ensuring optimal transplant success.
  • Enhanced precision with physician-assisted technology: ARTAS combines robotic precision with physician expertise, yielding high-quality, robust grafts.
  • Consistent graft dissection: Robotic harvesting utilizes digital mapping for unprecedented precision and consistency in graft dissection, surpassing manual techniques.
  • Natural-looking results with robotic recipient site making: The ARTAS system expertly creates recipient sites, distributing them naturally while preserving existing healthy hair.
  • Less fatigue: The robotic system maintains consistent quality throughout the procedure without the factor of doctor and patient fatigue.
  • Faster recovery: The minimally invasive nature of the ARTAS procedure allows for a rapid return to daily activities and work.
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Our board-certified plastic surgeons and hairline planning

Our board-certified plastic surgeons bring a wealth of experience and an artistic touch to hairline planning. Their training and expertise in facial aesthetics enable them to create hairlines that are not only technically precise but also aesthetically pleasing and fitting to each patient’s overall appearance.

What is the process?

  • Consultation: The journey begins with an in-depth consultation, where our plastic surgeon will speak with you about your hair restoration goals and assess your facial structure.
  • Designing your hairline: Utilizing the ARTAS iXi, our surgeons design a hairline that aligns with your natural features and desired outcome.
  • Visualizing your restored hairline: The ARTAS system offers advanced visualization, allowing you to see potential hairline changes so your wishes align with the outcome.
  • Working with our patients: We encourage patient involvement in the planning process, ensuring the final design resonates with your personal vision.
  • Finalizing the plan: Once the hairline design is agreed upon, we prepare for the precise execution of the hair restoration procedure.

The Hill Country Plastic Surgery difference in hairline design

At Hill Country Plastic Surgery, our approach to hairline planning is distinguished by:

  • Integration of technology and artistry: We harness the technological capabilities of the ARTAS iXi while applying our surgeons’ artistic sensibilities.
  • Personalized treatment plans: Each hairline is as unique as the individual, reflecting our commitment to personalized care.
  • Comprehensive care: From initial consultation to post-procedure follow-up, you will be under the care of our board-certified plastic surgeon, who will work with you personally at every step.
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What is 3D hairline planning with ARTAS?

The ARTAS Hair Studio® at Hill Country Plastic Surgery offers a unique 3D photographic simulation so you can see, in real time, how changes to your hairline will appear. In your consultation, our physician collaborates with you to craft a custom hair pattern, demonstrating various options through interactive illustrations. This includes exploring different graft counts and distribution patterns and incorporating your feedback. The system’s intelligent algorithms are designed to ensure a natural-looking distribution. There is no more customized approach to treating a receding hairline.


Natural-looking hair restoration treatments in San Antonio

Our goal is to create results that are genuinely indistinguishable from natural hair growth. The precision of the ARTAS iXi, combined with our surgeons’ expertise, ensures hairlines that are age-appropriate, aesthetically balanced, and naturally integrated with your existing hair.

After your treatment – what to expect

Post-procedure care is essential to the success of hair restoration. We provide detailed instructions and follow-up appointments to monitor progress and ensure the health and appearance of your new hairline.

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Why choose us?

Hairline planning at Hill Country Plastic Surgery is a blend of the world’s most advanced hair restoration technology and artistic expertise. With the ARTAS iXi system and the skill of our board-certified plastic surgeons, we offer superior hair restoration solutions that are personalized, natural-looking, and transformative. Begin your journey to a renewed appearance and confidence with us.

Begin your journey.

Your journey to a happier, more confident life starts with a private, in-depth consultation with your surgeon, where we learn about you and your vision and goals. Discover San Antonio’s premier clinic for plastic surgery.

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