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We understand the male perspective, and how certain physical conditions leave men feeling less confident socially, and in the business environment. Our board-certified surgeons focus on creating subtle changes to enhance facial appearance without appearing achieved with surgery.

Liposuction for men in San Antonio, TX

Custom liposuction for men can remove excess facial fat to create a more youthful, refined look. A double chin can be difficult to shed, no matter how often you work out or how carefully you watch what you eat.

With gentle liposuction, excess under-chin fat can be removed, creating a more attractive facial appearance. These custom procedures are performed with a specialized, gentle liposuction technique that removes fat forever. If you stay at a healthy weight, you can enjoy the difference for the long-term – no more excess facial fat.

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Facelift for men

A facelift may have once been considered a procedure for women, but times have changed. At Hill Country Plastic Surgery, we often perform custom facelift procedures on men, helping them look years younger, in the most natural way. We employ the most advanced surgical techniques to reposition the underlying structure for a natural-looking lift, not overdone or pulled. Imagine yourself looking a decade or more younger – it can be life-changing. Men trust our board-certified plastic surgeons to take a conservative approach to create a more youthful face and profile, restoring a more vigorous, distinctly masculine outcome.

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Brow lift for men

If you are one of the many men that has developed deep forehead creases, or a heavy, overhanging brow, a custom brow lift, performed by our facial plastic surgery specialists, smooths away the years, leaving you looking rejuvenated, vital, and taking years off your look. Every brow lift is customized, and may be performed laparoscopically, with shorter incisions for faster healing and virtually invisible scars.

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Eyelid surgery for men

Sagging eyelids add years to your appearance, and when severe, can affect peripheral vision. An eyelid lift must be performed with ultimate precision, and our team of board certified plastic surgeons have taken eyelid surgery for men to an art. Every millimeter counts, and our approach is to create a more youthful, refreshed look that is never overdone.

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Facial implants

If you feel your profile lacks the masculine lines, facial implants can be placed to add volume and structure to a smaller chin, receding chin, or create the rugged, virile look that attracts. At Hill Country Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons have taken the art of facial restructuring to a higher level, creating custom facial implants to create a distinctly masculine profile.

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Neck lift

A neck lift can address the look of an aging neck, treating under-chin fat, removing sagging skin, and restoring youthful definition without looking overdone. If you are tired of seeing a sloping, sagging appearance from chin to neck, this custom facial surgery can leave you looking years younger.

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Premier male plastic surgeon in San Antonio, Texas

Hill Country Plastic Surgery is known as the premier plastic surgery clinic for men in San Antonio. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have a reputation for delivering highly-personalized, meticulously performed procedures, setting us apart from other practices. Every member of our professional team is committed to delivering a private, premier experience at every phase of the process. Our office is designed to ensure our male patients feel entirely relaxed, ensuring privacy and discretion when you discuss your needs and questions.

Begin your journey.

Your journey to a happier, more confident life starts with a private, in-depth consultation with your surgeon, where we learn about you and your vision and goals. Discover San Antonio’s premier clinic for plastic surgery.

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