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A small change in the ears can dramatically affect a person’s overall appearance. After your otoplasty in San Antonio at Hill Country Plastic Surgery, you will feel confident wearing your hair back or in a short style. You will never again have to worry that your ears are drawing unwanted attention. They will nicely frame your face, as they should.

What can ear surgery treat?

  • Protruding ears
  • Prominent ears
  • Large earlobes
  • Ears damaged by trauma
  • Oddly-shaped ear structure
  • Shell-shaped ears
  • Congenital ear anomalies

Why choose Hill Country Plastic Surgery for ear surgery?

While many cosmetic ear surgeries are a straightforward procedure, the skills with which the surgery is performed could not be more important. Our surgical team has an extraordinary degree of experience and advanced skills, and performs every ear surgery with ultimate precision, to achieve the ideal balance, so they frame the face beautifully. A precision approach is necessary, so that the ears are even and look entirely natural.

Beyond our exceptional skills and training, every member of our team of professionals is focused on ensuring you are comfortable from start to finish, for a truly boutique experience. You will have the advantage of seeing how you will look after surgery with our advanced 3D Vectra system – no guesswork, just beautiful results.

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Facial plastic surgeon in San Antonio Sharing your journey to confidence.

Our board-certified surgeons take the time to understand, listen, and educate you about every aspect of your ear surgery in San Antonio, including pre- and post-op care. We journey with our patients from the imaginative process to the finish line, seeing them exude confidence – it is a very rewarding experience, and we are honored to be invited to share in this transformation.

How is ear pinning surgery performed?

Protruding ears

Most ear surgeries are performed for aesthetic reasons. When correcting the appearance of protruding or prominent ears, the area is numbed with local anesthesia, and incisions are made behind the ears, where they will be virtually invisible once healed. Various amounts of excess skin and cartilage is removed from the back of the ear, secured with strong, internal sutures. 

Ear shape corrections

For oddly shaped ears, the procedure will be customized to create the most natural shape, with several different approaches, typically involving removing cartilage and skin to create a natural fold, or other approach. Most ear surgeries take between one to two hours to complete, based on the extent of correction needed and the complexity of the operation.

Sagging or larger earlobes

Earlobes that may sag with age can also be corrected using local anesthesia and removal of excess skin to restore a more youthful appearance.

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What happens after ear surgery?

After surgery for prominent ears, a head wrap must be worn for four to five days to protect your reshaped ears from external trauma during the critical healing period. After the head wrap is removed, you will wear a band to keep your ears protected at night for two weeks.

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Why choose Hill Country Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Farber and Dr. Shah were fellowship-trained at the most prestigious institutions. Their techniques for delivering patient results and satisfaction set the standard for plastic surgeons in the field. They use the most advanced methods with otoplasties in San Antonio and consistently achieve superior results. 

Their warm demeanor, genuine care, and dedication to their patients are second to none. Ultimately however, patients choose Dr. Farber and Dr. Shah for the results. Their patients look and feel their best, and so can you. Discover the difference here in San Antonio!

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What to expect during your consultation?

  • During the initial consultation with your surgeon at Hill Country Plastic Surgery, we will discuss your concerns and goals before recommending treatment options that are tailored specifically to your needs. Prior to your consultation, we recommend that you review the procedures on our website so you are familiar with the terms we will be using during our discussion.
  • After your consultation, you will receive access to your notes on the patient portal in addition to information about your specific surgery. If you have not activated your patient portal, this can be done at your appointment by asking any of our staff to assist you. If you have questions after your appointment, you can contact our office or message us through the patient portal. Some patients will require medical clearance from their primary care physician or a specialist or additional tests before undergoing surgery.
  • Once we identify your concerns and surgical goals, we will discuss all the treatment options that are available to you. Every patient is unique, and we will develop a tailored surgical plan that addresses your specific goals. In addition, we will thoroughly review your medical history, surgical history, medications, allergies, family medical history, and other important details. It is very important that we obtain accurate information in all these areas as it may impact the outcome of your surgery.
  • While discussing different treatment options, we will perform a physical exam and take measurements that are necessary for planning for your surgery. Pre-operative (before surgery) photos will be taken either at your initial consultation, or during your pre-operative visit.

Once you have determined that you would like to have surgery and have completed any clearances and tests that were requested, contact our office at (210) 658-3555 to schedule a pre-operative appointment with one of our surgeons.

Ear surgery FAQ

What kind of anesthesia is used?

When can children have ear pinning surgery?

How long will recovery from ear surgery be?

When can I see results from the ear surgery?

How much does ear surgery cost at Hill Country Plastic Surgery?

What kind of anesthesia is used?

Most ear surgery can be performed under local anesthesia. If you feel more comfortable with light sedation, we can can administer to keep you calm and relaxed.

When can children have ear pinning surgery?

Children can have ear pinning surgery once their ear is about 85% of its adult size, which usually happens around 5 or 6 years old.

How long will recovery from ear surgery be?

Typically, you will experience some soreness of the ears for a couple of days. This can be alleviated with pain medication.

When can I see results from the ear surgery?

You will notice a significant improvement in your appearance immediately after surgery, and it will continue to improve as the swelling subsides over the following weeks.

How much does ear surgery cost at Hill Country Plastic Surgery?

Every patient’s anatomy is different, and it is recommended that you come in for a personalized consultation for your ear surgery by the surgeons at Hill Country Plastic Surgery. They can determine with you what will suit your needs best!

Find out more about ear surgery here.

Are you interested in learning more about this procedure? To schedule a consultation, please fill out the form on this page or call us today. Hill Country Plastic Surgery is the premier plastic surgery center in San Antonio and our friendly team members are here to help you and will reach out promptly.

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