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Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips : Breast augmentation can lead to life-changing results in your appearance and self-confidence. This is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US, and most women are delighted with the results.

However, breast augmentation San Antonio is major surgery, and you’ll need several weeks to recover. Want to ensure your recovery goes as well as possible? Then remember the tips below, and you’re sure to have a quick recovery.

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips Timeline

You should expect your breast augmentation recovery tips will take between six and eight weeks. If you have an office job, you may need a week or two off work or consider working remotely. You may need three or four weeks at home for those with a physical job.

Here’s a general breast augmentation recovery tips timeline:

  • Day 1: Your breasts will be wrapped with an elastic band or supportive bra. You’ll feel sore and sleepy after surgery, so get plenty of rest.
  • Days 3 to 5: You’ll have the most discomfort during this period, and it’s normal. Your surgeon will give you prescription pain medication if you need it. There may be minor bleeding from the incisions, too. If it seems excessive, talk to your surgeon.
  • 1 week: You should be able to manage pain with over-the-counter drugs by now.
  • Weeks 2 through 6: You will still have some soreness and swelling, but it should improve. You will need to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous workouts, such as running.
  • Two months: You should be almost fully recovered, but it depends on how your body heals. Running and other strenuous physical activities should be ok but talk to your doctor to see what they recommend.

You may consider having other surgeries at the same time to get all recovery over at the same time. Popular options include a San Antonio tummy tuck, San Antonio liposuction, and a San Antonio Brazilian butt lift.


Tips for a fast recovery include:

Ask For Help

Most women find that breast augmentation isn’t difficult, but it’s major surgery. So you will be tired and sore for the first week. That’s why you should have help around the home for at least a few days.

A friend or relative should be available to help you with household chores and small children if you have them. You should be fine after a few days, but having someone ready to help at first is usually smart.

Don’t Wear Underwire Bras

Your breasts and incisions will be sore and swollen after breast augmentation. If you wear an uncomfortable bra, you will have more pain.

A bra with an underwire will irritate your skin and incisions. Remember that your incisions will probably be under the breast crease, so an underwire can cause problems.

Sports bras after breast augmentation are comfortable against the skin are usually the best choice after breast augmentation. However, most experts say you should wait at least eight or 10 weeks after breast augmentation to wear an underwire bra.

Don’t Submerge Your Incisions In Water

It’s okay to take a shower for a few minutes after breast augmentation. But you shouldn’t take a bath or swim for at least two months.

Submerging the incisions in water may introduce bacteria into the incisions that can cause infections. That’s why it’s best just to take warm showers until your incisions are fully healed.

Take Pain Medications

Most patients have mild to moderate pain after breast augmentation or a breast lift. However, some women report feeling tightness and pressure across the chest. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe pain medication to manage pain for the first week.

However, many patients find they only need over-the-counter pain medication after the first few days. Therefore, fill your prescription before your breast augmentation, so you have it available if you need it.

Get A Lot Of Rest

Getting sufficient rest during your recovery is essential. But some patients find it’s hard with all of their daily activities to get the rest they need.

Before your surgery, make sure you have a quiet room available, as well as a comfortable bed. Have a lot of pillows on hand so you can prop yourself up comfortably. And having DVDs, magazines and books will help you pass the time.

It’s still a good idea to go for a short walk every day to promote blood flow and healing. But taking it easy and getting plenty of sleep is vital during the first two or three weeks of your recovery from breast augmentation.

Sleep On Your Back

Your breasts will be sore and swollen after surgery, so it’s best to sleep on your back for two or three weeks. This is especially true if you have breast implants; sleeping on your side or stomach can shift the implants.

Plus, sleeping on your side or stomach isn’t comfortable after surgery. And sleeping on your back lets your incisions heal more effectively.

Have Healthy Foods And Water Available

Before having your procedure, stock your home with healthy food and water. For the first day after surgery, you may feel sick from the anesthesia or may not have a lot of appetite. Light, soft foods are ideal for the first day or two.

Have a lot of lean protein and fruits and vegetables available, so your body has the energy it needs to heal during recovery. It’s also easy to get dehydrated during recovery, so drink a lot of water.

Don’t Drink Or Smoke

Your plastic surgeon probably told you not to drink or smoke before surgery to ensure you were in the best health. It’s also wise not to drink or smoke for at least a month after breast augmentation.

Smoking reduces oxygen in the blood, which can delay healing in your breasts and incisions. In addition, alcohol leads to dehydration and makes it more likely you’ll have bleeding or infections.

Don’t Do Intense Upper Body Exercises

You shouldn’t do any heavy lifting or upper body exercises for at least six weeks after surgery. This is because heavy lifting and activities that stress the chest muscles may cause bleeding.

If you have small children, you should consider having help with them for two or three weeks after breast augmentation.

The tips mentioned above will help you have the best recovery possible. Talk to your plastic surgeon before your procedure to find out any other recommendations to speed up your recovery.

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