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The mommy makeover is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. This combination plastic surgery procedure is custom-designed to address women’s everyday problems after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A San Antonio mommy makeover is a general phrase that refers to several body shaping procedures that can vary by patient. However, most mommy makeovers focus on the abdomen and breasts. The most common procedures in a mommy makeover are:

Other patients may want additional procedures, including a Brazilian butt lift, thigh lift, and arm lift. You may have this procedure in one session, but the surgeon may break it up into more sessions if many surgeries are involved.

Major Issues A Mommy Makeover Can Address

The body changes tremendously before and after pregnancy. Some are temporary, but others can be permanent. Some of the issues this procedure can fix are:

  • Breast size and shape: Even women who don’t breastfeed will have changes to the size and shape of their breasts. They may lose shape and volume after pregnancy, but a breast lift and breast augmentation can address these issues.
  • Abdominal laxity: The skin and abdominal muscles stretch to accommodate the baby. They can be left stretched and flabby after childbirth.
  • Rear and thighs: You may have weight gain in these areas that can be addressed with liposuction or a 360 tummy tuck.
  • Body contouring: Gaining weight is natural during pregnancy, but it can be challenging to lose it. Diet and exercise are the way to go, but liposuction can remove stubborn fat pockets to shape your body.
  • Stretch marks: Women may have stretch marks from breastfeeding and childbirth. Breast surgery and a tummy tuck can remove some of these marks.

When To Have A Mommy Makeover?

Determining when to have this procedure is a personal decision, but you should discuss it with your surgeon. Some factors that will determine if you’re ready for surgery are:

  • How long has it been since you had your last child? Most surgeons recommend waiting at least six months after childbirth to give the body time to heal and recover.
  • If you want breast surgery, you should wait at least six months after breastfeeding, so the breasts return to their normal shape and size.
  • Some injectables, such as dermal fillers, may not be recommended if you still breastfeed.
  • If you are finished having children. While it’s possible to have a mommy makeover and become pregnant again, it’s best to wait until you are done building your family.
  • Being able to take two or three weeks to recover after surgery. This means needing help with small children if you have them.

How Long To Be Off Work After A Mommy Makeover

It’s common to ask how soon you can go back to work after a mommy makeover. Of course, it depends on your health, pain tolerance, and recovery time.

The most invasive procedure in most mommy makeovers is the tummy tuck. This procedure requires extra skin and other tissue from the abdomen. The surgeon may also tighten the stomach muscles with internal sutures, so standing straight will be difficult temporarily.

Most patients can return to work between two to four weeks after a mommy makeover. However, if you have an office job that involves sitting all day, it’s possible to go back to work after less than two weeks in some cases.

Patients who have a more physical job will probably need at least four weeks off. Remember that you shouldn’t push your body too hard. A hourglass mommy makeover usually entails several procedures, including breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, and others.

Having several procedures simultaneously makes sense for the recovery process, but it’s a lot of surgery, and the body needs time to heal.

Tips For A Faster Mommy Makeover Recovery

Want to get back to work and your favorite workouts after a mommy makeover? It’s possible to speed up your recovery safely if you follow these guidelines:

  • Get plenty of rest: Most women who have this procedure have small children, but you need a lot of rest after a mommy makeover. This means you need someone to help the little ones for at least one or two weeks.
  • Have help around the home: This means having someone watch the children, cook, clean, and care for pets. You won’t be able to do the household chores you usually think nothing of. Doing too much too soon can delay the recovery process.
  • Don’t lift anything: You probably think nothing of lifting your small kids every day, but this is out after a mommy makeover. No heavy lifting objects for at least one or two weeks.
  • Take medications: Your surgeon will prescribe pain and possibly antibiotic medication. Take them as prescribed, and make sure the prescriptions are filled and ready when you get home from surgery.
  • Sleep on your back: Most mommy makeover procedures focus on the front of the body, so it’s best to sleep on your back for two or three weeks.
  • No smoking: Smoking is always terrible for your health, but it can seriously hamper recovering from surgery.

Many women have mommy makeovers to turn back the clock and improve their appearance and self-confidence after having children. Talk to your surgeon soon to decide if having a mommy makeover will address your body concerns.

Request A Mommy Makeover Consultation

Interested in a mommy makeover in San Antonio? Dr. Scott J Farber or Dr. Amita Shah of Hill Country Plastic Surgery can help. They will consult with you about your desire for a mommy makeover. Together, you can decide if it’s a good fit for your aesthetic and personal goals.


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