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Most of us know that many celebrities have plastic surgery, including facelifts, San Antonio Botox, San Antonio breast augmentation, and San Antonio liposuction. Having work done in Hollywood is common but some celebrities still don’t like to talk about it.

But not everyone. More celebrity moms admit to and are even open about their plastic surgeries. Below are some Hollywood moms who have opened up recently about their procedures.

Khloe Kardashian

Speculation about her plastic surgeries has followed this celebrity for years. But she has recently been unashamed to talk about her work.

From what we can gather online, it seems that Khloe Kardashian has had facelifts, rhinoplasty, dermal fillers, and Botox. But she reports she’s had allergic reactions to Botox and won’t have anymore.

Kyle Richards

This celebrity mother opened up in 2020 about her plastic surgery. While Kyle hasn’t admitted to a long list of procedures, she told her fans that year that she had rhinoplasty to improve her nose’s appearance. But people still ask “Did Kyle Richards get a facelift

She said she broke it a few years ago and the bone was sticking out and giving it an unattractive bump. Kyle also refined the tip and repaired her septum to improve her breathing.

Jessica Simpson Tummy Tuck

Many women who are pregnant struggle with loose abdominal skin and separated abdominal muscles. This gives their bellies a flabby appearance that diet and exercise can’t fix. But a tummy tuck cuts away the extra skin and tightens the muscles with internal sutures.

Jessica Simpson has told the world recently that she had two tummy tucks after having her children. She said that she was ‘so ashamed’ of her body that Simpson didn’t want her husband to see her in the bedroom without clothes on.

Note it’s smart to wait on a tummy tuck until you have finished building your family because another pregnancy will undo the procedure.

Angelina Jolie

A few years ago, Angelina had an unusual plastic surgery journey a few years ago: She had a preventative double mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction with implants.

She noted after the surgery that her breasts were reconstructed nine weeks after mastectomy. Also, Jolie said current technology allows for impressive results after mastectomy.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks said last year that she had rhinoplasty in 2018. She said the bones in her nose were ‘growing and itching,’ and she also had difficulty breathing.

Tyra is one of a growing number of celebrity mothers who feel an obligation to tell the truth about their plastic surgeries.

Jane Fonda

Did Jane Fonda get a facelift? Back in 2010, Jane Fonda wrote on her blog about why she was open about plastic surgeries she has had.

She said someone complimented her on her new haircut. But she said that she had plastic surgery on the bags under her eyes, neck, and chin. And she decided it would help if she had a haircut so people would think that accounted for her change in appearance.

Kaley Cuoco Breast Implant

Kaley did a cover story for Women’s Health in 2016, and the Big Bang Theory star said she had rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

She said having her nose and breasts done was the best thing she ever did for her career. Kaley added that while it’s important to love who’s inside you, ‘you also want to look good.’

She cautioned against having surgery because someone else wants you to. But if you want to do it for yourself, go ahead.

Clare Crawley

The Bachelorette star talked recently about her decision to have her breast implants removed. She loved her implants, but unfortunately, Clare struggled with health problems for several years.

It turned out that there were fluid sacs behind her implants and her white blood count was elevated for years fighting an unknown infection.

Most women have impressive results with implants and no complications, but some people’s bodies react differently to them.

Cardi B Plastic Surgeries

Cardi B plastic surgeries. She is very open and wrote on Instagram two years ago that she does whatever she likes with her body. Cardi B said she doesn’t have time to work out because being a celebrity is a 24/7 job.

She said the most significant thing she had done was a San Antonio breast lift.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The famous daughter of Janet Leigh has had many procedures over the years, but she isn’t a fan. She has said she had liposuction and other procedures, including Botox.

However, she claims that none of it has worked for her, and it’s clear she doesn’t plan on having any more.

Patricia Heaton

Patricia is one celebrity who is open about the procedures she’s had. She told People magazine that she had to have four C-sections and her abdomen was unattractive, so she had a tummy tuck when she was done having children.

She also said all the breastfeeding made her breasts sag and enlarged the nipples, so she also had a breast lift.

If you have thought about plastic surgery, remember many celebrities have, too, and they’re open about it. They have usually had great results and so can you!

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