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History shows that most cosmetic surgery patients are women, but the number of men wanting to go under the knife is rising. This trend has led to a surge in plastic surgery procedures for men that is changing the landscape of the plastic surgery industry.

There has been a view in the past that men shouldn’t worry about their appearance and aging: enough to consider plastic surgery. But it’s becoming more acceptable for men taking surgical action to do something about it.

The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that 1.2 million men had cosmetic procedures in 2015, and that was 300% more than men who went under the knife in the late 1990s.

Please continue reading to learn more about why more and more men are choosing cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance.

Plastic Surgery Centers For Men On The Rise

As more men are looking to have plastic surgery, many board-certified plastic surgeons are opening surgical centers that cater to men only. These new centers offer customized treatments for men and the surgeons are specifically trained to do their work on male anatomy.

Many cosmetic procedures that men and women have – such as a San Antonio facelift, San Antonio rhinoplasty, or San Antonio eyelid surgery, are similar, but some details differ dramatically.

For example, with rhinoplasty, men and women typically want to enhance the function and form of the nose. But the procedures needed to obtain a robust and male nose differ from those to achieve an ideal feminine nose.

Many people in the industry say that men should look for a surgeon with a lot of training and experience with the male anatomy.

This is also true for dermal fillers and San Antonio Botox. Unfortunately, many men need more Botox injected than women to get impressive results that decrease lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. This is because the muscles that control movements in these areas are large in men.

Also, some plastic surgery centers cater to men because some don’t want to be seen in the waiting area with women. And, they may not want to talk about a cosmetic procedure with a female receptionist.

Men Want A Younger Look

American culture is changing as men don’t always want that weathered and rugged look that is common in the 40s and beyond. Instead, many men are focusing on smoother, younger-looking skin, just as women are.

More demand for good-paying jobs also can make men want to look younger so they can keep up with millennials in the job market. While age discrimination is illegal in the US, there is little doubt that people who look younger gain a subconscious edge in the hiring process with some employers.

Men find that they look and feel better about themselves when they have cosmetic surgery, and these procedures give them better employment options. In addition, just having a more youthful appearance can boost self-confidence that can make all the difference in the interviewing process.

Male Celebrities Open About Cosmetic Procedures

Most celebrities we see on TV and in film undergo cosmetic procedures regularly to look as young and fit as possible. In the past, women were the ones who most Americans knew were having work done in Hollywood.

But these days, many male celebrities are acknowledging they have procedures to look younger. For example, Simon Crowell is candid about having frequent Botox injections to maintain a more youthful appearance. Other common procedures in Hollywood are male breast reduction, San Antonio brow lifts, and San Antonio facial implants.

As more men in the entertainment industry talk about their work, many men see cosmetic surgery as just another way to care for themselves. For them, getting Botox or liposuction is not much different than working out at the gym or having clothing tailored.

Men Choosing More Plastic Surgery Procedures

Another sign that men have an interest in cosmetic surgery is they are having more than one treatment at a time.

Doing multiple procedures in one session can be beneficial because you can get everything done simultaneously, which saves money and gets all recovery done simultaneously.

The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons reports that men choose San Antonio tummy tucks, facelifts, eyelid surgery, and San Antonio breast reduction the most, as of 2017.

Botox and injectables also are gaining popularity with men because these procedures can be performed without downtime. And, you can enjoy improvements in your appearance without having surgery.

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