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One of the most attractive features on the face is a sleek and defined jawline and chin. However, not everyone is blessed with the genetics to make this a natural part of their face. Aging also can lead to sagging, loose skin in the lower face that can affect the jaw and chin’s appearance.

Fortunately, chin surgery can do a lot to define your chin and enhance the jawline.

Defining Your Chin Through Surgery

We can improve our appearance in many ways with diet and exercise. But there’s little you can do for your jawline without cosmetic procedures. For example, some people may have lost a lot of weight but still have excess skin and fat in the jawline that makes them look older and heavier.

Also, some patients are simply born with an undefined jawline and weak chin. Others lose the definition in this part of the face as they age.

The most common, effective procedures to define the chin are listed below.

Chin Augmentation

Patients with a naturally weak jaw and chin can see impressive improvements with chin augmentation. The surgeon will place a silicone implant through an incision in the mouth, with no visible scar.

The implant is made from a special silicone that is carefully molded to the jawbone for a perfect fit. After the surgeon places the implant, it feels completely natural and gives you a stronger-looking chin.

Double Chin Surgery

Double chin surgery usually uses liposuction to remove extra fat from the chin, neck, and jaw. Excess fat under the chin obscures the natural bone structure and may reduce definition and make you look heavier.

Removing extra fat with liposuction can enhance the jaw and chin and give more structure and definition to the face.

Liposuction is an effective procedure for patients with relatively tight skin near their ideal weight. This procedure doesn’t create a stronger chin but removes fat to reveal the bone structure.

Facelift And Neck Lift

A facelift and neck lift tightens the skin and tissues in the lower face and neck. These options may be necessary for patients with excessive loose skin that may happen with substantial aging.

The facelift and neck lift will help with loose skin, relaxed muscles, and extra fat and make you look much younger.

Non-Surgical Ways To Define Your Chin

It’s possible to enhance the chin and jaw without surgery for some patients if only a minor correction is necessary:

Dermal Fillers

The surgeon can put dermal fillers on the jaw and chin to enhance their appearance slightly. This may be a good solution for patients who almost have the look they want but still desire a slight improvement.

Dermal fillers are an effective and affordable option, but you will need a touch-up every year or so.


This is an injectable neurotoxin that relaxes small facial muscles to reduce wrinkles. This substance also can be used to slightly slim the face and emphasize the jawline for people with large jaw muscles.

This option is best for patients with a square jawline who want a slightly slimmer jawline and chin.


Kybella is a new treatment that the surgeon can use to eliminate fat in the chin and jaw. It’s made from deoxycholic acid, the same substance that breaks down fat in the gallbladder.

It will destroy fat cells when injected under your chin, but you will probably need three or four sessions for the best results.

This is a popular option because it usually offers more precise results than liposuction.


This is another dermal filler that can reduce the look of sagging skin on the chin and neck. Most fillers use hyaluronic acid to fill in sunken areas of your face. But this one features poly-L-lactic acid that works with your body to replace collagen.

When the surgeon uses Sculptra in the jawline and chin, the body responds by producing collagen over a few weeks, which provides a slight lift to the lower face. Results may last up to two years.

PDO Thread Lift

This is another non-surgical option for people with a double or sagging chin. It uses tiny threads to lift the skin immediately to create a stronger jawline and chin, and it also encourages cellular renewal.

The procedure puts PDO threads with a blunt-tipped needle under the skin’s surface. Once it’s there, the thread lifts the skin of the lower face.

After about six months, the body absorbs the threads, but new collagen growth should maintain the results for two or three years.

Radiofrequency Treatments

Another newer procedure uses radiofrequency energy to make the chin and jaw skin tighter. RF can also tighten the neck skin to fit tighter to the jaw and neck.

The procedure involves putting a small probe under the skin to deliver RF waves to the underlying tissues. As the radiofrequency energy is applied, it melts fat cells and causes intentional damage to the skin.

This process makes the body produce more collagen, tightening the chin and neck skin for several months. Most patients notice results after 30 days, but it may take up to three months to see the final product.

It only requires one procedure, so it’s both cost and time-effective.

There are many options to improve the appearance of your chin, so talk to a plastic surgeon today to learn what your best options are.

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