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Breast Augmentation What to Know: You look in the mirror yet again. All you see is your breasts are too small. Or too droopy. Or one is bigger than the other. We understand the frustrations of your chest not looking the way you want.

But a breast augmentation San Antonio or breast implants can change everything. Your plastic surgeon can make your breasts bigger, lift them, make them the same size, and more. If you’ve been dreaming about breast augmentation, your dream is close to reality!

This guide will review the breast augmentation procedure and what it involves.

Breast Augmentation What to Know: Why Women Get Surgery

Women want to change the appearance of their breasts for many good reasons. Below are the most common ones. If any of them hit home, please schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon soon.

Small Breasts

Women who have small breasts may feel less womanly than those with larger ones. You might feel embarrassed about how your breasts look with or without your clothes on. One of the biggest concerns for small-chested women is finding clothes that fit right.

Breast implants can give you a larger chest and a shot of self-confidence about how you look.

Weight Loss

Women who have dropped a lot of pounds may notice their breasts have lost volume. Breasts mainly contain fat, so your breasts may be the first to go when you lose weight. Breast implants can give you more volume and shape as they keep their weight down.

Changes After Childbearing

Breast augmentation after kids can help change how your breasts appear. Before they can droop and lose volume, especially if you are pregnant several times. But having breast augmentation can improve your figure and make it look like it did before pregnancy.

To Look Youthful

The aging process may cause your ‘girls’ to sag, lose volume, and get smaller. Women over 40 may consider breast implants to look younger. And breast implants combined with a breast lift can give you a better shape and more youthful profile.

Better-Fitting Clothes

Most women’s clothes are designed for a C-cup bust. Women who have smaller chests can find it difficult to purchase clothes if their chest doesn’t fill them. Breast implants can improve your proportions, so clothes fit better.

Types Of Breast Augmentation Procedures

The most common breast augmentation procedure is breast implants. Sometimes the implants can be combined with a breast lift. Below are your options when considering breast implant procedures. You can review your needs and desires with your plastic surgeon, who will make recommendations for the best implant type.

  • Filling type: You can choose saline or silicone. Silicone has a more natural feel than saline, but some people are concerned about the possibility of implant rupture and silicone effects on the body. Note that FDA approves both implants as safe and effective.
  • Shape: Saline and silicone implants are usually round, but some come in shaped forms. Round implants give you a fuller upper breast, while a shaped implant gives you a more sloping look to your profile.
  • Profile: Your surgeon will help you decide on the profile based on your goals and proportions. Usually, women who want breast augmentation for small frame need a higher profile breast implant to increase size.
  • Size: Breast implants range from 150cc to 800cc breast augmentation. Many patients need different sizes in each breast to achieve ideal symmetry.

Incisions can be done one of four ways:

  • Inframammary: A short incision under each breast. You’ll have one or two-inch scars under the breast, so the scars are hard to see.
  • Peri-areolar: An incision around the edge of your areola, so the scar is hidden in the change in pigmentation. This is often used when the surgeon is lifting the breasts, as well.
  • Trans-axillary: A small incision in the armpit. A small scar is left there, but it’s almost invisible.
  • Transumbilical: An incision right above the belly button. This method means no scars around the breasts.

What You Can Expect

So you’re interested in improving the appearance and want to consider breast augmentation. There are many options available, so it’s essential to review your case with your plastic surgeon. Here’s how it goes:

  • Consultation: The consultation with your plastic surgeon gives you a chance to tell her what you want to accomplish with your breast augmentation. She’ll review your case and examine your chest to provide you with your best options. She’ll recommend saline or silicone implants and will see if you need a lift, too.
  • Procedure: The breast augmentation procedure depends on the implant type and the method of insertion. Your plastic surgeon will give you her best recommendation for your case.
  • Aftermath: Most breast augmentations are outpatient and done with general anesthesia. You can expect to walk independently within a few hours of the surgery. Most patients can leave the house after one or two days.
  • Recovery: You may feel sore for one or two weeks and limit intense exercise for two to four weeks. Your breasts may look ‘high’ at first, but they will settle into position after a few weeks. Expect final results in about two months.

Request a Breast Augmentation Consultation

If you’re dreaming of transforming your chest with a breast augmentation, Dr. Scott J Farber or Dr. Amita Shah of Hill Country Plastic Surgery can help. They will consult with you for your San Antonio breast augmentation today. They’ll go over the options, your goals, and more to determine if you’re an ideal candidate.


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