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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 18 million plastic surgery procedures were performed in the US in 2019. The 3rd-most popular procedure was rhinoplasty and nose reshaping. 

If you’ve been considering having a rhinoplasty or a nose job during COVID-19, you might be wondering if it’s safe. Below are some interesting insights about having this procedure during a pandemic. 

Why Are People Seeking Rhinoplasty During COVID-19? 

The pandemic has kept many people out of the office and gym for as much as a year. So, we’ve had plenty of time to focus on what we think are our imperfections. We’re often increasing workouts at home and updating our wardrobes. As we’ve spent time at home, we’ve had time to think about cosmetic procedures, from rhinoplasty to San Antonio mommy makeover to San Antonio breast augmentation

Zoom Calls

With lots of video calls for our jobs or to chat with family, we’ve had many chances to look at our faces and other things we want to improve about our bodies. Some have even decided to get some surgical help, such as a nose job. 

Many people see themselves for hours in video Zoom calls, so they may have noticed they didn’t like the appearance of their noses. 

More Recovery Time Available

Another reason people are getting rhinoplasties during COVID-19 is they are often working from home. Usually, patients need to stay home for at least a week or two after a nose job. This dynamic is different from the pandemic. People work from home often, and they may wear masks in public. 

These factors make it easier to undergo a San Antonio facelift or rhinoplasty so they can recover with little notice from the outside world. 

Also, they may be able to recover at home while working and avoid taking vacations. 

COVID-19 Also Kept Some Patients Away

While rhinoplasties have become more popular during the pandemic, other patients have generally been concerned about avoiding surgeries. 

Some plastic surgeons report some worries among patients exposed to COVID by having a nose job or other procedures. But most surgeons feel confident in the safety guidelines they’ve implemented. As long as you are working with a board-certified surgeon in an accredited healthcare facility, you should be able to have a safe rhinoplasty. 

Realistic Expectations – COVID Or Not

Whether you have your rhinoplasty during the pandemic or after it fades from the news, a successful procedure depends on having realistic expectations. 

All aesthetic surgery, especially procedures on the face, can be a way to make people feel more confident and comfortable around other people. It can do wonders for their self-esteem; there is much evidence for this. 

Simultaneously, having a nose job is a big decision, so screening patients carefully is vital. Rhinoplasty isn’t a magic bullet, no matter how talented the plastic surgeon. 

That’s why your plastic surgeon will spend plenty of time learning about your motives and psychological state to decide if it’s an excellent time to proceed. If you have unrealistic rhinoplasty goals, surgery isn’t the answer. 

Types Of Rhinoplasties 

If you decide to have a rhinoplasty during the pandemic, you and your surgeon will discuss which type of rhinoplasty is best for you: 

  • Open rhinoplasty: This is the traditional nose job where the surgeon makes small incisions under the nose, around the tip, and between the nostrils. After he has total access to the nasal structure, he can shape it according to your goals. This type of nose job allows for the most extensive procedures while keeping scars challenging to see. Open rhinoplasty is the longest-term fix that should last your entire life. This procedure can be used for aesthetic changes as well as fixing a deviated septum or breathing problem. 
  • Closed rhinoplasty: This is a more limited nose job where the surgeon makes incisions inside the nostrils, so larger incisions aren’t needed. This type of surgery is more common for the patient who needs minor adjustments. Scarring is almost invisible because it’s in the nostrils. 
  • Tip rhinoplasty: This nose job can be either open or closed and focuses only on reshaping or reducing the tip’s size. 
  • Filler rhinoplasty: This is the least intrusive nose job. Some don’t think of it as surgery because there are no incisions or stitches. The plastic surgeon uses several San Antonio injectable fillers to fill out small depressions and bumps in the nose. This is a shorter-term procedure and may need to be updated yearly. 

If you’re interested in rhinoplasty during COVID and have any concerns, please bring them up during your first consultation. 

Request a Rhinoplasty Consultation 

Interested in a San Antonio rhinoplasty? Dr. Scott J Farber or Dr. Amita Shah of Hill Country Plastic Surgery can help. They will consult with you for your San Antonio rhinoplasty today. They’ll go over the options, goals, and more to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty.


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