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Millions of women have San Antonio breast augmentation or San Antonio breast reduction surgery, but there are times when they decide that they want the implants removed. Below is more information about the trends in breast implant removal and choosing a smaller cup size.

Removing Implants and Not Replacing Them

Some women have problems with their breast implants and choose to have Breast Implant Removal and not replace them. Some of the reasons this happens include:

  • Having improperly place implants or textured implants caused problems. Some inexpensive, inexperienced plastic surgeons can do improper implant procedures.
  • Various complications occurred, and they need to be removed.

Some complications that can arise from breast augmentation that can happen if the procedure was done correctly are:

  • Capsular contracture
  • Implant malposition
  • Symmastia
  • Implant rupture
  • Implant rippling

Some women have their textured implants removed and not replaced. Textured implants were designed to reduce the movement between the pocket and implant. But these implants can cause problems because any implant movement can cause a deformity in the shape of the breast.

Studies also suggest that patients that had textured implants have an elevated risk of cancer. Some data indicates that the cancer risk from textured implants is as high as one in a thousand.

Removing The Entire Implant Or Part Of It

After breast augmentation surgery, a capsule of scar tissue forms around the implant. This is a normal reaction by the body, but sometimes it can lead to complications.

If this happens, a capsulectomy may be needed to remove the capsule. The patient has three options:

  • Remove only the breast implants.
  • Remove the implants and part of the capsule
  • Remove the capsule and implants entirely

Your surgeon may remove the entire capsule or only part of it, depending on how the surgery goes. The surgeon may decide to remove some or all of the capsule because of cancer risk or possible capsular contracture.

Breast Lift Or Reduction After Removing Implants

When women want their breast implants removed to give them a smaller cup size, some want to have a breast lift. Some surgeons recommend waiting to have a breast lift after removing the implants.

This is because it is more challenging to do procedures that are the opposite where your surgeon needs to lift the original breast. The typical waiting period between implant removal and San Antonio breast lift is one year.

Although patients may want a breast lift immediately after implant removal, waiting can prevent complications.

Fat Transfer After Breast Implant Removal

Fat transfer involves taking fat with San Antonio liposuction from one area of your body and injecting it into the breasts. The fat may come from your belly, back, or hips. Using fat transfer provides more shape and volume to the breasts and can improve your appearance where the fat was removed.

Fat transfer uses your natural tissue, so there needs to be sufficient fat in the donor areas for this procedure to work.

Fat transfer results in a smaller cup size than breast implants and has few risks and side effects. But fat grafting is not a replacement for breast implants. Speak to your plastic surgeon about which option is best for you.

Breast Implant Removal Because Of Pregnancy

If you become pregnant after having breast implants, you may worry about how implants could interfere with breastfeeding. It’s unlikely that breast implants will affect breastfeeding, but some women decide they don’t want or need implants after pregnancy.

However, note that breast tissue will reduce in size after you are finished nursing. This can cause reduced volume and sagging. This is the reason that some women want a breast lift after their breasts have returned to their normal size.

Older Patients Want Breast Implant Removal

As a woman ages, so do the implants. Some surgeons recommend breast implants should be replaced every 10 or 15 years. But you may reach a time in life when you think implants are no longer what you want.

When we get older, it takes longer for us to heal and recover from surgeries, so, logically, some women talk to their plastic surgeon about having their implants taken out. This is one of the growing breast implant removal trends because the patient doesn’t want to deal with the risks and complications of implants anymore.

New Techniques For Implant Removal

Surgeons once needed to make large incisions to remove breast implants. This technique is no longer necessary. Today, there are advanced methods to remove breast implants that use a vacuum sleeve or suction bottle.

The vacuum sleeve allows the removal of the entire silicone implant and the capsule at once. This technique won’t work for everyone, but it’s usually the surgeon’s first choice. The most crucial factor is to remove the entire implant. If there is a capsule around the implant, it needs to be taken out, too.

Any time you have concerns about a plastic surgery you’ve had, from San Antonio breast reconstruction to San Antonio tummy tuck, please have a chat with your surgeon.

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